Monday, August 25, 2014

1 Timothy:13 "And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not."


Gossip is idle talk or rumour, especially about the personal or private affairs of others.  Individuals who are perceived to engage in gossiping regularly are seen as having less social power and being less liked. The type of gossip being exchanged also affects likability whereby those who engage in negative gossip are less liked than those who engage in positive gossip.

I attend a ladies prayer group before worship service on Sunday nights, and we discussed gossip and the harm it can do....permanent harm.  Just because someone dresses differently, has tattoos, of a different color skin, is no reason at all to gossip about them.  We need to get to know one another and be a friend - not a gossiping enemy. If everyone on this earth was exactly alike, what a boring world we would live in.  Children are scared for life when someone or a group gossips about them, behind their back or even to their face.

On to today.........we did not get our pictures taken for the church directory yesterday as planned.  Someone had switched days and times, so we will go today at 1 to do that.  Having that directory is very handy when I want to send someone a card or need to call them.  We are growing by leaps and bounds and there are so many new folks, it is hard to see or know everyone.

We did vote to make a new paved parking lot and it will double the size of parking we have now.  Growing is a good problem to have.

Hope your weekend was restful/relaxing, and the week ahead will not be rough.



  1. I miss having a Parish Directory. Our Diocese won't let us do them anymore, because of privacy issues. Our last one did not list addresses, but names with the photos, but they still won't let us do one. What a shame because I (like you) used mine all the time, to help me learn new faces and names. Smile pretty!!

    I agree about the gossip. It is harmful and very much like bullying, really. We are most times too quick to judge on appearance, rather than getting to know someone.

  2. That's so true about gossip. It can be so destructive. Good post.

    It's so good to hear how your church is growing. That's great. I honestly believe that people are seeing and feeling the dangers we have ahead of us and are realizing we all need God.

  3. We have a church directory and I really appreciate it. There's a couple in our church who do pictures regularly, so it remains updated.
    Glad to hear your church is doing so well!

  4. Gossip is so harmful. We especially have to be careful to not gossip while asking for prayer. So easy to do.

    Glad to hear your church is growing. That's a healthy church!