Thursday, July 3, 2014


Some of my 'long time' friends might remember that I recently connected with a lady that I knew waaaay back when I lived in Nashville.  She sent me a copy of our Jr. High annual.  I have thoroughly enjoy reading and trying to remember each person.

The main reason I posted this picture is because of the way we were dressed. This is a picture of the girls in the 8th grade.  Notice the length of their skirts?
Most have on saddle oxfords but some have loafers.  Socks folded down. Very, very different from young ladies today.  I am not saying they don't look pretty, just totally opposite from today's teens.  I am not sure, but I believe that is me on the second row, 4th from the left as you look at the picture.

This picture was taken at my cousin's 16th birthday party in her back yard, this past Saturday.
Look at the hair-do in the title picture and then look at the current.  It seems like all young ladies, or a vast majority of them, have long straight hair.  Back in the day, it looked medium length and curly.  Home perms were all in!

There were no dress codes - none were needed.

“Some are young people who don't know who they are, what they can be or even want to be. They are afraid, but they don't know of what. They are angry, but they don't know at whom. They are rejected and they don't know why. All they want is to be somebody. ” 


  1. The young girl in the first row fifth from the left must have been a daring one.....look at that skirt length....almost showing some knee...!!
    Love old school pictures.....Have a great weekend...

  2. It's so fun to look back at those fashions. I'd like to see some of that modesty return!

  3. The last paragraph (the quote) is quite true. I can remember having those feelings once I hit 13 or 14. I think all young people go through this, except today many of them often take it out in violence. They have no guidance (good parents).
    I love the old picture of your class. I agree about the clothes and hair-dos. It's too bad that had to change.

  4. Young people now (in general) have no idea what modesty is..but then age 47, I have taken to wearing spaghettti straps shirts (not out in public though) and sleeveless shirts, shorts. I remember, I had to wear a uniform, and my mother always preached modesty. The dress or skirt was never to be above the knee (still like that for me, as I am short), I also wore those saddle mother always said, "You are a young lady, look like one!" --smiles..

  5. Well, growing up in the 60s, we DID have dress codes and mini-skirts were all the rage. LOL My elementary class pictures show all the girls in dresses or skirts, though. The times, they have changed, indeed!

    I was the tallest girl - looks like you were the shortest, Linda! Have a good 4th of July!!

  6. I enjoy old photos like that. Are you kinda short? That's a real trial for buying clothes, isn't it. Kinda like being too tall. One has a hard time finding clothes that fit properly. I miss seeing people dressed modestly and with no tattoos. It's a real skank-a-rama in most schools now.

    I believe it would be best if schools used dress codes. Personally, I wouldn't allow any child of mine to attend a government run school. All our nieces and nephew have been home schooled and/or attended private schools. It's not hard, just takes discipline financially (our family are all poor as Church Mice). The kids ended up with a much superior education than these public school "graduates" who can't even make change for a change drawer. It's pathetic.

    Well, hope you're having a good day. Have a wonderful 4th tomorrow! ~:)

    1. Yes, I am 4-11; used to be 5-1 so evidentally I am going down! A young man at church asked me one day if I was shrinking! My children all went to private schools. I agree on a dress code. Would solve a lot of problems these days.

  7. I love that old photo. Times do change.

  8. Linda....the girl next to you.....5th girl....looks like Pat Marshall and I think I see Ann Neil in the back row.....but where am I?

  9. Linda..I'm not seeing the picture of you and your classmates. Did you remove it or is my computer being dumb? I love the photo that was taken last Saturday! So cute!