Tuesday, July 8, 2014


All the talk about children these days muddles my mind. Children shooting people at school, on the sidewalk, at the corner. Children from another country, crossing our borders by the thousands.  Children being bought and sold into slavery or prostitution. Where does it end?  And when?

Matthew 19:14, "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

It is in no way the fault of these children......

Revelation 22:20, "He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus."


  1. It is so scary. I came from a time when being a child was the most innocent and carefree time. We weren't without hardships but my parents always protected my sister and I from the adult problems that they faced. They had high morals and values and taught us right from wrong. They showed what it was to be compassionate. In today's world some parents are living for themselves and their children suffer from it.

  2. Like Kris, I grew up in a much better world than kids today. I also agree that much of what is wrong has to go back to the parents and the foundation they built (or didn't build) for their children. I know, kids from good homes can go bad, but I still say it goes back to the parents to raise a respectful child who can be trusted. Joe's theory is that it all goes back to Roe vs Wade. When abortion was legalized, all respect for life went out the window. He may be right.

  3. I sure can remember growing up and playing outside until dark..etc..(like your previous comments)--I can honestly say though, we live in a really nice small town where nobody locks the door. Once, my husband left the car door open by accident, someone knocks on the front door to tell us..ANYWAYS--I just don't know about the world anymore..really scary...Blessings

  4. A very good message. It bothers me too. It's a scary situation. When we were children, we never heard of these things. Now we have to teach our young ones about being cautious all the time and the horrible things that can happen to them. It is definitely the beginning of the end. [[hugs]]

  5. Not surprising, because our Nation as a whole has become those that "fail to retain God in their knowledge". This is the result of banning God from the schools. Nature abhors a vacuum, satan stepped in.

    Of course, I’m preaching to the choir, but I believe the primary reason for the planned influx of illegal immigrants is truly all about biological warfare deliberately brought about by the man who calls himself Obama and his ilk:

    Biological Warfare. Medieval besiegers were known to project diseased animals into fortifications with the deliberate intention of spreading disease and so weakening the garisson. I some cases it was possible to poison water supplies, though most fortifications had their own wells or water cisterns. Source: http://www.medievalwarfare.info/

    Isn’t this similar to what our ancestors endured by the invading hordes of heathen muslims or other barbarians? I see no difference. Since Obama is pure, unadultrated evil, I know this was all planned from the Get Go. I don’t think there’s one redeeming value in the man. Sad to say that, but it’s true. As professing Christians we are suppose to be discerning about others and consider their “Fruits of the Spirit” you know. Yes, I’m very angry. I want retribution in the worst way. I pray that Congress, the Senate, somebody will take action!

    I'm sure most here join me in grieving for what our nation has become. My husband thinks there’s going to be another plague as in medieval times. It’s happened countless times in history past and it sure culls the herd. I pray our country can survive it.

    Off subject, I do pray that you both have had a happy, pain-free day. Stay strong. ~:)

  6. Life has changed, and not for the better!

  7. It makes me so sad! Everytime I turn on the news I seem to hear another piece of sad news. In my area, we've been shocked and saddened by the news that a well known broadcaster from a Christian radio station - the one I listen to - was arrested for sexual assault on a young boy. It's hard to take it in.