Wednesday, July 30, 2014



I was looking through Pinterest one evening and came upon the title picture.  I have always loved wisteria and tried to grow some, but my non-green thumb won out and it never grew.  Can you imagine standing there looking at something that beautiful?

The pink and purple blooms typical to the wisteria tree are spread wildly throughout, extending far and wide. The ginormous vines stretching out of the tree are held up by steel rods placed throughout. From inside, the light pours in through the brightly colored vines, reflecting off of the flowers in unimaginable ways.  Planted around the year 1870, this tree has since brought so much delight. The wisteria is at its peak beauty between mid-April and mid-May. 

This morning Jim has a dental appointment at 9:30 and is having several teeth removed, so not sure what shape he will be in this afternoon and tonight.  I will try to go to church but don't know about him.

Hope you have plans for today 
that will make you happy!


  1. That is a gorgeous tree, Linda! I can't imagine what it must feel like standing under it (if they let you go there). Hope Jim does okay with the extractions today. I'm sure he will be hurting later, bless him. Let us know how he does, please. Prayers lifted. Happy hump day!

  2. I bet that Wisteria smells good. Prayers for Jim..did you get your ac fixed? Blessings

  3. The Wisteria has steel rods holding it up? I sure wouldn't want to attempt cutting it down. We have so much Wisteria here. I planted some on the fence against the cemetery and without any care it's growing like gang busters.
    My hubby just learned he's losing his dental insurance through the company he gave 41 years of his life too. Such a sad state of affairs. I pray that Jim does well and can soldier through the discomfort.
    Luv ~:)

  4. That is one gorgeous tree!
    Hope Jim is doing alright tonight.