Saturday, June 28, 2014


First I would like to thank you for sticking with me, listening (reading) my daily woes.  I truly am not a negative person and get tired of someone always complaining, so I know when I do it, it is tiring to read every day.  It may sound 'flip' to say it, but I really do appreciate your friendship.

My daughter and I were talking yesterday, and out of the blue, I asked her if she thought I was in the beginning stages of dementia.  I cant remember names, the stories I tell seem to be about things of the past, and I definitely repeat myself.  She is an RN too, so we diagnose things a lot!  She said I might be in the early stages of dementia, because as we age, we lose things, but she said for me to look up the definition of dementia and see if it applied to me.


  [dih-men-shuh, -shee-uh] 
noun Psychiatry.
severe impairment or loss of 
intellectual capacity and personality 
integration, due to theloss of or damageto neurons in the brain.

We tend to think of dementia as related to Alzheimers.

Alz·hei·mer's disease

  [ahlts-hahy-merz, alts-, awlts-] noun Pathology .
a common form of dementiabelieved to 
be caused by changes in the brain, 
usually beginning in late middle age, 
characterized by memory lapses, 
confusion, emotional instability, and 
progressive loss of mental ability.
 Named after Alois Alzheimer  (1864–1915), Germanneurologist, who described it in 1907.

If I remember correctly, brain cells are the only ones in the body that DON'T replicate, so when we lose them, they are just gone forever.  Some of mine have already left 'home', but don't think I am full-blown Alzheimers yet.

Moving on.........I have found the best place to download pictures for my title page or backgrounds.  It comes from Tumblr.  I don't post there or anything, just enjoy looking at pictures.  Here is one of the many that I have....... 

Family update.........

Grayce is at Camp Vesper Point for a week.  For over fifty years, Camp Vesper Point has been used by God to share the gospel to young people and families in a fun, safe, Christian environment. CVP is located about 40 minutes north of Chattanooga in Soddy Daisy, TN on the beautiful Lake Chickamauga.  This is her 5th year to go.

Aryn and parents are at Wofford College. Wofford College, established in 1854 and is related to the United Methodist Church, and is an independent, national liberal arts college of 1,580 students located in downtown SpartanburgSouth Carolina. The historic 175-acre  campus is recognized as a national arboretum and is one of the few four-year institutions in the southeastern United States founded before the American Civil War that still operates on its original campus.

Rayven is house sitting with her sister for a week.  The house has a swimming pool and all of the fun things a 15 year old and 20 year old could want.

Jesse is still riding that bicycle...every day from morning to night!

Caroline and Elizabeth will be attending a skating party/birthday party this afternoon.

Jim and I are getting ready to eat pancakes from McDonald.  If you have never had them from there, it is worth your time and effort to give it a try.



  1. First off..I never tire of reading what you have to say..second..I don't know you and see you everyday..but let me tell you mil has dementia and a mental illness called phycosis (sp?). I think as we age, we ALL tend to forget things..and personally, I feel, as a female, when we go through life changes (and I know your well pass that, lol)-our mind/hormones change etc...if your concern about it, I know there are plenty of doctors out there you can be of help, I also read somewhere recently (my husband has short term memory loss due to the strokes he had) that dementia and alzehiemers are heredity..not sure if that is also have a lot on your plate, dear friend. If you decide to get it checked out, please let me know..being a nurse, you know more than me and know where to go for the doctors etc.

    Sorry for rambling..not my I said..I do believe we all forget or have memory lapses..the more I read about it etc..the more convinced I am. (smiles) --in the mean time--you keep on blogging about whatever.

    Hey--I have saved the blog design link..another great site to visit, thanks for the link on the upper left hand side of your blog. I sat here the other night and put in country backgrounds for blogger..well..lo and know, that is where I got the one for my blog, lol. Blessings

    1. You are sweet to understand. I dont believe I am demented to the degree that I need to seek my doctors help.....yet! I took care of my aunt for 4 years and she was full blown so I kinda know what to look for. I just dont want to be in that state and nobody tell me. Also, I look changing my blog page as you know, every day and it is a challenge for me to find new sites, etc. Now you have given me another place to look (country backgrounds). Have a great Saturday.

  2. You never complain. I like the things you write about. I'm 58 and having minor memory losses too. My husband is 66 and also suffers from that. It might be part of aging? Too much worry? Medications? The constant pain? Etc. Yeah, get it checked out though. It would be once less thing to worry about. I pray that y'all are pain free today and every day. Thinking of, and praying for, you from here. ~:)

    1. Thank you Sparky. I enjoy your friendship on here.

  3. Hi, Linda..... we're friends here so I, for one, am interested to read your posts to see how you are and what kind of curves life is throwing at you. We're getting older and our mental health is one of the many things we worry about. I know I could deal with the physical, but Lord I hope my mind stays functional.
    Going to tell you a personal story.... before I was diagnosed with the constant migraine the one symptom that worried me so much was my losing mind function. I had trouble remembering things, simple things, like the name of that red sign down at the corner (stop sign). I was losing common words. I couldn't think of them so I couldn't communicate. It was so frightening. After I found a doctor that recognized my symptoms, he prescribed amitriptyline that's used to prevent the pain. After I was on it for a few months, I realized how my memory was getting better than it's ever been. I even remember the names of actors. hahaha Oh, I can still walk into a room and wonder why I'm there, but I just stop and focus, it comes back to me. I'm not recommending the same for you, I just wanted to tell you that their could be something else and not dementia. See your doctor. Tell him what worries you.
    Sorry, I didn't mean to write a book. You have a great day. Stay cool. It's going to be a hot one. Hugs, my friend. And don't stop blogging. ♥

  4. Thank you so much and I will go back to him next month and if I feel I am worse or even the same, I will definitely talk to him about it. He is very good at listening and keeps up to date on lots of things, so I trust him. Hope your day is good, and so happy for you that the drug has helped. You 'write a book' anytime my friend! lol

  5. Linda, I just echo everyone else, saying I enjoy your posts - all the time! This is a place for friends to share feelings and thoughts. Sometimes we are sad, or depressed, and sometimes we are full of joy and happiness. It's what life and friendship are all about. No apologies!!

    The grands are all busy this summer! Wow. Growing up, we didn't go to camps or organized activities. We made our own fun. I think a happy balance is good, and your kiddos seem to have that!

    Joe asked his doctor about dementia. He used to remember names better than me. She told him that if he eventually remembers the name, he is doing just fine for his age. We all slow down some. Alzheimer's Disease is not age-related dementia. Enjoy life. That's what is important. Love you!!

  6. I'm glad I didn't upset you..I was thinking of you/this when we were sitting in the dr. office earlier (hubby, no worries, just something minor)--I worry about him etc..what is going to happen when I go back to school etc..just crazy thoughts..he assures me he will be fine. ANYWAYS--You have bought back so many nice memories of Chattanooga for us. And I thank you for that..keep on blogging..Blessings

  7. Linda - As you know, I'm a nurse too, and I work in a nursing home. I'm sure you, like all of us forget things from time to time, but I don't think you show any signs of dementia or Alzheimers. Look at the way you change up this blog all the time - a dementia patient couldn't do that.
    I also don't think you're negative. You deal with some problems and I think you do it in a positive way!

  8. Thanks to everyone for your comments on this blog.

  9. Linda I LOVE your posts! Even when there is something going on that isn't the greatest you seem to put a positive spin on a hardship. My mom was tested for dementia because of her forgetfulness and the results were came in normal for a woman her age. I know I sure can't remember things like I used to.