Monday, June 9, 2014


Good Monday morning to all!  Another week is here, and we are quickly going into summer, which becomes fall before we can blink an eye.  It honestly seems like yesterday it was Christmas.  Time goes by slowly when you are a child.  You cant wait to get out of school for summer vacation.  Then you become an adult, and time flies.  Slow down Mr.Time!

We both made it to Sunday School and Church yesterday morning, but Jim couldn't make it back last night.  He is in one of his 'down' times; pain, discouragement, aging, and it is those times that I have to be a 'cheerleader'. We will make it through, with God on our side and helping each other.

Starting this past Friday and going through this coming Sunday, is Riverbend 2014 in downtown Chattanooga on the banks of the Tennessee River.  There has been approximately 200,000 people that come from far and wide to enjoy this event. There are live performances every night on 6 different stages.  There is food, art, a play area for young children, and it is hot!!!  The line-up for this year is a list that this old lady never heard of, so I definitely wouldn't go.  I wouldn't go anyway, because of the heat and the crowd.  In years gone by though, I have been right there.

Those who have boats like to pull up close to the banks and watch everything from there.  At least it is a little cooler that way!  My daughter in law works with a lady who has a 32 ft. boat and she and my son are going on the boat on this coming Friday night. 

The only plans for this week, is the procedure for Jim on Wednesday.  Today is 'good old laundry' day!  


  1. My old boss has been posting on Facebook about Riverbend. Of course, the Hunter is right in the middle of it. Seems like going by boat would be the most fun. I'm not into crowds either - never have been. Glad Jim felt like getting the SS and Church yesterday, but sorry he is depressed again. Hope you are feeling better!! I wish you a good week ahead and hope the procedure works for Jim on Wednesday! Love & hugs.

  2. Keeping you and Jim in prayer. We have been to Riverbend..Quite warm here as well.We had a doozy of a storm roll through last night. Blessings

  3. Agree about time flying!!!!!!
    What the heck?!?
    And keeping you and hubby in my prayers...
    Enjoy your summer day, my friend.

  4. My DIL's family lives in Chatty. I wonder if they are going. I would like to do that sometime. Mr. H, NOT! He hates a crowd.

  5. Understand depression. Read my blog The Upside of Down. Lets you know you are not alone. I struggle everyday in some kind of way.

  6. I agree that time just flies. Where does it go? Sorry to hear about your husband. Will be praying for both of you.

  7. Yes, time passes so fast now. The Riverbend sounds fun. Hope your husbands procedure goes well.

  8. Yes, time is flying by. Before you know it, it'll be July 4!
    We just got done with Festival here in Grand Rapids. It sounds very similar to your Riverbend. I didn't go either - the crowds drive me crazy!
    Hope Jim is doing a little better!

  9. I know, it's seems like only yesterday that I was graduating from High School, but it's been 40 years. Wow. Time does fly when you're having fun.
    Riverbend sounds like fun.
    Hope y'all are doing well and enjoying the day. ~:)