Sunday, May 18, 2014

FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD..................

For the past few days and even weeks maybe, I have not felt good.  Not really sick, just not good.  It is hard to describe, but as my best friend said, it sounds like   depression/anxiety. I do believe she is right.  I feel like I am living in limbo....Jim going down, sometimes it seems like fast, and then he gets a reprieve and is up and going.  My sciatic nerve is acting up again.  Our finances aren't the best.  Our children love us, we know that, but they also have very busy lives and we don't see them often.  BUT.....I know above all things, God loves me with AGAPE love.  The fruit of the Spirit is love.  So my current prayer is to remember He loves me above all else.

Today the whole bunch is coming to the house to celebrate May special days!  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, and even Father's Day which isn't until June.  We have so many, that it is hard to get together individually, so we chose this afternoon to be it!  We had planned a picnic, but it has rained for two days, and it is rather chilly, so it will end up being here at the house, which is OK too.  

Aryn and Grayce were in one of their cousin's wedding yesterday.  All of the ladies went to the hair salon together to be 'spruced' up.  I love the girls hair......

I know it was a beautiful wedding.  It was held in Chickamauga, Georgia at the Gordon/Lee Mansion.  

That is all of my news this morning, but hope to have pictures to share after today's gathering.  Church this morning.



  1. Oh dear I understand about how you are feeling. I truly, honestly I do. (and don't get me crying again)

    What beautiful hairdos! I so wish I had hair like that (smiles). Blessings

  2. What beautiful hair and hairstyles!
    I'm sorry you're feeling not quite right, Hope things straighten out soon!

  3. Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ and His agape love is always the right course. May I please also suggest talking to the doctor about your feelings (lack of energy, etc.)? He should order blood work and see if you're missing something in the diet. For me, it was B-12. Once I started getting those shots, *bammo*, I felt great! But everybody is different. Anyway, wouldn't hurt to ask. I pray you'll feel better soon.

    Their hair is lovely. I'm letting mine grow too. Even though it's very fine I'm hoping I can style it. If it drives me too crazy I'll have it cut again. We'll see ....

    God bless. ~:)

  4. Linda, I can certainly understand that you are feeling a little down with all that is going on - Jim and your pain. It has to be a worry and stress trigger. Praise God, you have your strong faith and also your prayer partners. I am praying for you, and for Jim!

    I am looking forward to seeing the photos from your fun, family-filled afternoon! The girls' hair looks fabulous!

  5. I agree with Sparky. You've had a lot on your plate lately. I can understand that feeling. Been there. Maybe a simple supplement can help. Hope you feel better soon. God does love you.
    The girls' hair is so pretty. Hope you've had a great day with the family.