Saturday, April 19, 2014


I love it when the choir sings this song.  It brings chills to me and tears to my eyes just thinking about what He did for me. I anxiously await the next time He comes for me too.

The trip to Alabama was a success and all the plans are laid out and understood when the time comes.  I am not big in visiting cemeteries but Jim and his whole family are and were.  It seems to bring him comfort just being 'there with family'.  In the south there is a day called 'decoration day' and people go to the cemetery and put new flowers or decorate the graves.   My outlook is that the person who was buried there is no longer there other than bones.  Their soul has gone on.  I do think people do it for the living, not for the dead. 

For the next few posts I am going to list some actual things that were posted to Twitter.  They have not been changed - not a word!


Sometimes I spend whole meetings wondering how they got the big meeting table through the door.

In taste tests, butter beat I Can't Believe It's Not Butter by just a small margarine.

If you own a boa and his name isn’t Rocky Balboaconstrictor, then perhaps you should hire someone who’s not a total idiot to name your pets.

You're against animal testing? How do you expect us to make sure the animals have been studying then? Exactly. Stop embarrassing yourself.

It's impossible for TWO dudes to ride ONE motorcycle without it looking romantic...

"Boop" - Zebra walking past a self-service checkout.

I'm not saying Ice Cube is lying about that triple-double, I just don't know of a single pickup game in LA where they keep track of assists.

It's weird that coward doesn't mean "toward a cow."

Wait what do you mean Jesus loves me? Did he say something to you? OMG I'm freaking out right now. Tell me his exact words.

There is nothing more enjoyable than turning the tail-end of a sneeze into a viking war cry.


  1. I really don't care for them. I go because my husband forgets how to get there and plus, it gives him comfort to take care of his father/grandparents graves. Love the tweets, lol. Blessings

  2. You're right, grave decorating for us the living. It does bring us comfort though. The tweets where cute. Some I don't understand because I don't keep up with modern culture but I'm a hopeless luddite. *giggle* I'm still sick but holding on. My lip and left throat gland really, really hurts. I pray the medicine works soon. *ugh* :) God bless. ~:)

  3. I love this quote: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."
    We have 'decoration' day here too. I remember when we would take Gr-Grandma Adams to the cemetery with all the flowers she had. It took all of us to carry them to the car. Then watched as she put a bouquet on all the family plots.
    Those tweets are enjoyable to read. I especially like the last one. It made me laugh so hard. I keep telling Hubby his sneezes sound like that.
    I hope you and your family have a blessed Easter day.

  4. Carol said it first....yes, Ohio has "decoration day" too. I haven't heard of it here in Florida, though. I agree with you that decorating the graves is for the living, not for the dead. It comforts us to remember our loved ones who have died. Joe and I really don't visit graves, or worry about what goes on in the cemeteries. We know our loved ones are not really there. I believe in having markers, etc., but I am just never really moved to go to the cemetery to "visit" my folks and my brother. They aren't there.

    I love the tweets. My favorite is: "Boop" - Zebra walking past a self-service checkout. Made me laugh out loud, for real!!

  5. I think you're right about cemeteries. I do like to walk around them to remember that people, but I don't do it often.
    I love your tweets!

  6. Yes! Up from the grave He arose.
    The grave is not our home.
    May you and yours have a blessed Easter!